An External Mirror group provides for extra knowledge, lessons learned from third parties, innovation, different perspectives, but also arguments against existing plans, concepts and approaches.

You are looking for a moment to think freely about your possibilities. However, daily business demands all your energy and you mostly do more of the same. It is hard to keep up with this fast-changing world, let alone to be a leader, innovating and inspiring.

Lately, was there anyone who honestly criticised your vision, plan or opinion? And where do you find pioneering insights that can be applied to your business too? How distinct is your strategy?

SpiegelGroep helps you to write down ambitious plans and to check them with like-minded people. “Think big, write small” we call this at SpiegelGroep.

SpiegelGroep redefines strategies and plans by bringing together inspiring leaders from different sectors, in order to use their different perspectives to share experiences, lessons and visions, during which a vulnerable attitude, guts and pluck make the difference.
SpiegelGroep shows you new perspectives on your strategy or plan, facilitates choices and provides for challenges!


“Who is it you want to have a look at your strategy?”