Reflection within your own organisation gets the best out of the people and resources available, as teams and individuals internally reinforce each other, resulting in a more efficient, better and committed plan.

You want your team to become a winning team, because you know you can get more out of it! But how do I get more out of this team, this organisation? Everyone is busy and it is as if no one can find the peace to stay focused. That is if they know what the three most important goals are in the first place.

A lot of internal meetings and the unabated external battle for short-term results hamper the organisation in making the next step. There are a lot of related objections that hold back the right energy, focus and mutual reinforcement of the individuals.

SpiegelGroep brings individuals and teams within the organisation together, to let them discuss and enrich the strategy and plans and to commit to them. Their organisations’ thinking capacities are challenged, in the course of which vulnerability and the power to make choices make the difference.

SpiegelGroep helps the team to focus on the same goal and to put a meaning on this in their individual roles. Everyone will know what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. You feel the energy, the focus, people are laughing and performances are better than ever before.


“How do you come to a better plan, a better team and the discussions you should have had long ago?”